Sonic Curiosities Collective would like to extend an invitation to artists to participate in our 6th installment on May 29th in the garden at Villa Kuriosum.


We are looking for four artists to feature installation and sound sculptures at the event. We welcome both sounding and un-sounding works and are happy to discuss the available equipment with artists on a case-by-case basis. We warmly offer each artist €300 as compensation for their time and work.

For 2021 we aim to challenge capitalist material relationships to objecthood, production, consumption and waste through a program which foregrounds radical re-use and transformation. Pushing back against value systems which privilege the new, precious, ‘innovative’ and unattainable, the Sonic Curiosities Collective are looking for projects which experiment with ways of making old, existing and readily available things heard, felt, seen, composed, integrated and articulated.

The event, funded by Musicboard Berlin GmbH that will include a 3-day workshop led by instrument builder Ioana Vreme Moser focusing. On the final night of the event we will present the workshop’s creations, as well as feature an evening of performances and installations.

Please email by the May 10th with the following details about your work:
- Short artist statement
- description of the work, dimensions and materials
- list of the technical equipment you require to showcase your work/performance
- Up to 5 photos, videos or audio files (or combination)

-How you would ideally like your work to be presented (please remember that your work needs to be suitable for the outdoors).


Because of COVID-19 regulations, we are kindly asking all participants/attendants to take a quick test on the day-of the event and practice distancing. Additionally we will enforce a restriction to how many people can enter, and will hold all of the events outside in The Villa's sprawling community garden. Our event is subject to reschedule/change to abide by newly introduced regulations. 

We are looking forward to reading your proposals!